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LED Light Bars - LED Ramps

LED Light Bars - LED Ramps

Over 40 LED light bars for your 4x4, Pick-up, ATV, SSV, truck or tractor... Many sizes available ranging from the mini LED light bar measuring just 99mm to the 1310mm LED ramp.

Offering ultra-powerful white lighting with a choice of long beam (spotlight), wide beam (flood) or Combo, our LED light bars can be straight or curved. With a 5-year guarantee, our LED light bars comprise high-quality CREE or EPISTAR LEDs offering power of up to 300 watts and over 27,000 lumens.

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Efficiency and Performance of LED Light Bars for 4x4 Vehicles, Trucks, and Machinery

LED light bars, also known as LED ramps, offer an efficient and high-performance lighting solution for a wide variety of 12V and 24V vehicles such as 4x4s, trucks, pick-ups, ATVs, UTVs, tractors, rally cars. Designed to provide maximum brightness while maintaining low energy consumption, they surpass traditional lighting systems such as xenon or halogen headlights, in terms of light power and lifespan.

Robustness and Durability of LED Light Bars

LED light bars are designed to combine robustness and exceptional durability, they are equipped with stainless steel fixings, an aluminum housing, and an ultra-resistant polycarbonate lens. This solid construction makes them resistant to harsh conditions, vibrations, shocks, as well as extreme temperatures, ranging from -40°C to 85°C. In addition, they are 100% waterproof and have high protection against dust, thus guaranteeing longevity and reliability in all tests. All these features make LED light bars the ideal lighting system for use in the most demanding environments and difficult terrains.


The lighting provided by LED light bars reveals every detail of the road, such as imperfections in the road surface and hidden curves. They significantly improve driver safety by providing better visibility in low light conditions or during night driving. The design of LED light bars allows for versatile use perfectly suited to on-road or off-road driving.

Style, Design, and Adaptability of LED Light Bars

In addition to improving visibility, LED light bars also add a notable aesthetic touch to vehicles. Indeed, these LED light bars not only improve visibility, they also transform the exterior appearance of your vehicle, for example, LED light bars with side lights or Daytime Running Light in white or orange add a distinctive and elegant touch. To perfectly fit your vehicle, a wide range of dimensions is available.
Whether you choose ultra-compact and thin LED light bars with a single row of LEDs, or larger models ranging from 50 cm to over 130 cm equipped with a double row of LED chips for maximum efficiency, there is a variety of options for perfect and easy integration on different parts of your vehicle, such as the grille, the number plate holder, the bumpers or the roof.

How to Choose your LED Light Bar?

When choosing an LED light bar, several criteria must be taken into account to ensure suitable and efficient lighting:

  • - First, consider the specific model of your vehicle, whether it's a 4x4, a truck, an ATV, a UTV, a tractor, a rally car.
  • - The light intensity and the color of the lighting are also important factors, allowing you to customize the appearance and functionality of your lighting.
  • - Other technical aspects such as the supply voltage in volts, the power in watts, consumption and amperage play a crucial role in the performance and efficiency of the LED light bar.
  • - The technology used, the size, the shape and the additional dimensions of the bar must also be considered.
  • - The type of light beam especially if you are looking for specific lighting like long range (spot), or wide lighting (flood), or a combination of both (combo).
  • - Innovations such as curved LED light bars also offer significant advantages over traditional straight models, including a better opening angle of the lighting and a more harmonious adaptation to the shape of your car, 4x4, truck or others.
  • - Finally, some LED light bars include additional features and can be used as low beam or high beam, for increased versatility.

By taking these elements into account, you can choose an LED light bar that not only meets your lighting needs, but also brings a very modern distinctive style to your vehicle.

In summary, current LED ramps for vehicles offer a combination of performance, durability, safety, and customization, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and user preferences.