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LedPerf offers the widest range of LED Headlights, interior and exterior LED bulbs to upgrade sidelights, ceiling lights, license plate, daytime running lights, reversing lights, brake lights, Xenon headlights, Xenon HID conversion kits, LEDs for indicators, instrument panels and other lighting on your car, motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SSV and spyder.

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All our car and motorcycle LED packs and LED kits by brand

Choose your vehicle's brand and model to explore all available LED Headlights, as well as interior and exterior LED packs and kits.

Our products are designed to be 100% compatible with your car or van, enhancing its lighting significantly.
The installation process is straightforward, simply replace your original halogen bulbs with our LED bulbs.

Our LED bulbs are of high quality, emitting a pure, long-range white light.
The optimal white or Xenon effect light produced by the diodes in each LED bulb provides ultra high-performance lighting for your headlights, including low-beam, high-beam, sidelight bulbs, fog lights, daytime running lights, rear lights, and more... LED technology is also favored in the automotive and all-terrain sectors due to its energy efficiency. That's why we offer a large selection of LED light bars for 4x4s, pick-ups, and vans, along with a wide range of additional LED headlights.

Trust in LedPerf, leader in car LED Headlights bulbs and 4x4 LED lighting for over a decade!

Select the brand then the model of your motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SSV or spyder to discover all our LED packs and kits and our Xenon kits.

Designed to be 100% compatibles with your motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SSV or spyder, our LED and Xenon packs will really enhance your lighting.
Easy to fit, the operation simply involves replacing the original-mount halogen bulbs on your vehicle with LED or Xenon bulbs.

The motorcycle, scooter, ATV and SSV LED bulbs used to make up our packs are high quality and produce pure long range white light.
The white light or Xenon effect produced by the diodes in each LED bulb is optimal, bringing ultra high-performance LED lighting to your headlights: low-beam, main-beam, sidelight bulbs, etc. LED technology is also popular for two-wheeler and all-terrain vehicles for its energy efficiency, which is why we also offer a wide selection of LED light bars for ATVs and SSVs and a large choice of LED additional headlights for motorcycles.

Trust LedPerf, the leader for motorcycle LED bulbs and ATV/SSV LED lighting for over 10 years!

Why order with LedPerf.com?
  • Specialist No. 1

    Trust the European online leader for LED lighting for cars/motorcycles/scooters/ATVs, #1 for over 10 years.

  • Excellent value for money

    We offer excellent value for money, with some of the lowest prices on the market.

  • LedPerf.com quality

    - We are the only company that proposes an exceptionally high-quality, made-in-Germany range of LEDs as an option.
    - Most of the LEDs offered on our website are SMD LEDs with a higher level of silicon that guarantees perfect lighting quality and excellent service life, as opposed to the LEDs that you will find in car centres, or on auction websites.
    - You will have a 2-year, 5-year or lifetime guarantee depending on the products, with exchange for new.

  • Customized packs with dedicated instructions

    - LedPerf is the only website that offers a specific assembly PDF for your vehicle in each pack and kit, for easy and error-free installation.
    - The packs and kits comprise LEDs specifically designed for your vehicle, guaranteeing optimum results, including for models that require error-free LEDs on on-board computer (OBC), free of residual current and free of overvoltages . Our OBC error free packs are guaranteed, with exchange or reimbursement if an error is reported.

  • Quality logistics

    We ship your orders in an express, monitored and guaranteed way. All orders for products that are in stock are shipped within 24 working hours, with careful packaging. You will find stock levels on each product page. If out of stock, we will inform you of the lead time within 24 hours. Free shipping for all orders over CAD$50.00 in mainland France and over CAD$100.00 to CAD$200.00 for other countries.

  • Reactive customer service

    - We respond to all of your questions clearly and accurately within 24 working hours.
    - Our online after-sales service system guarantees quick and easy handling of your requests.

  • Wide range of LEDs

    With LedPerf, you benefit from the largest range of LEDs for automobiles on the market, LEDs for your vehicle's exterior and interior.
    We are the only company that offers an exceptionally high-quality, made-in-Germany range of products.

  • Buy with peace of mind

    - For most of the products, you will find photos illustrating the exact result that you can hope to achieve on your vehicle, and not photos taken on another vehicle that could mislead you.
    - The website is organized clearly, and placing an order is quick and easy.

  • Guaranteed security

    - All payments made on our website are encrypted and secured. Your bank card information is protected thanks to the best systems on the market for fraud prevention and security. When you use paypal or our bank, your financial information is never communicated, including with the seller.
    - You can choose from multiple payment methods and delivery options, with the highest guarantees.
    - All of the pages of our website benefit from HTTPS certification.