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1. I have an error on the on-board computer in spite of purchasing OBC error-free LEDs. Why?
2. My LEDs flash and/or go off after a few seconds. Why?

The flashing is due to checking of correct operation of the bulbs by the on-board computer, which sends short electrical pulses. This flashing is not visible on conventional filament bulbs because they need more power to be lit. However, as LEDs use less power, these pulses may be visible. If the on-board computer (OBC) considers the electrical consumption to be too low, the computer may also cut off the power supply of the led, since it considers the bulbs to be burned out, even if this is not the case.

Consequently, check that you have ordered an OBC error free LED model.

Also check that the model that you have ordered is not included in the "list of incompatible vehicles", the link of which is at the bottom of the page for the product:

3. I did not receive my sidelight pack or my licence plate pack with my deluxe pack. Why?
4. My order seems to be incomplete upon receipt. What should I do?
5. After installing my leds, some of them remained very slightly lit after being switched off. Why?
6. One of my products is not or is no longer working. What should I do to solve this problem?
7. I am having problems in installing my equipment on my vehicle, or this is causing problems after installation. What should I do?
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