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1. After installing the leds, is the progressive switching off of the lighting maintained?
2. What is an OBC error and an OBC error-free LED?

Recent and/or high-end vehicles have an on-board computer (OBC) that checks that the bulbs are working properly. It checks the consumption of the bulbs by sending electrical pulses to check that they are working properly. As an LED uses very little energy, the electronic system may consider that the bulb is burned out and displays an error message on the obc when the LED is working normally. If the on-board computer (OBC) considers the electrical consumption to be too low, the computer may also cut off the power supply of the LED, since it considers the bulbs to be burned out.

Consequently, for models equipped with an on-board computer (OBC) checking the operation of the bulbs, you need to order OBC error-free leds.

Also check that the model that you have ordered is not included in the "list of incompatible vehicles", the link of which is at the bottom of the page for the product:

3. What is residual current?
4. How do you know the power and the type of the base of a headlight bulb?
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