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1. I would like to order headlight bulbs (H1, H7, etc.) but I don't know which brand to select. What advice do you offer?
2. Which models should I use for my sidelight bulbs, low-beam headlights, main-beam headlights and fog lights, etc.?
3. How do I use a discount code or a credit note?

The discount code needs to entered when you place the order, on the page for selecting the payment method:

Code once applied (next page):

4. How to you obtain a discount code?
5. I belong to a LedPerf.com partner forum, so do I get a discount?
6. Is it possible to add/remove elements in a pack, and/or change the color of the elements selected?
7. Are the products sold in pairs or individually?
8. Do you provide assembly instructions if LEDs are purchased individually?
9. How do I know if a product is in fact in stock before placing my order?
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