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1. Order tracking
2. Shipping costs, delivery times and delivery
1. How much will the shipping costs be for my order?
2. What delivery methods do you offer?
3. What are the delivery times?
4. Where do you delivery to?
5. What should I do if the parcel is damaged upon delivery?
6. I opted for delivery by Registered Colissimo and the parcel was delivered to my letter box without signature. What should I do?
7. The delivery of my order seems to be late, what should I do?

First of all, consult the tracking information on the carrier site. This information is accessible from the email sent to you when your order was shipped, or on your customer account (click here for more information). In this way, you will be able to find out where your order is.

If you are not satisfied with the information on the carrier site, you can contact it directly on the following numbers:

- La Poste and Coliposte: 3631

- Chronopost: 0 969 391 391

If you are unable to obtain more information from the carrier and the shipping date has exceeded 5 working days, please contact us by email stating your order number so that a complaint can be made.

8. If I am not at home when my order is delivered, what will happen?
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